Our small light for very small objects. The Picobox is a small, hard-sided softbox, made especially for the Picolite flash heads. Broncolor Picolite lamp heads and reflectors give clean, even, and consistent lighting every time. Broncolor is the only studio flash system which uses the 2nd generation of patented ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control). This technology maintains color temperature over the entire power range at all outputs.

Studio Equipment Upgrade

Year 2017 was great, we upgraded our camera system to 100 megapixels sensor so we can provide the best possible output available on the market today, a lot of details and colors are important for art reproductions.  Revolving around a large 100MP CMOS sensor, measuring 53.4 x 40.0mm, the Hasselblad H6D-100c is capable of capturing an extremely wide dynamic range of up to 15 stops along with vivid 16-bit color depth. When combined with the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, tonal transitions and skin tones show immense depth, detail, and clarity for lifelike image quality, even in dark shadow and bright highlight regions.

Small Tumbler Story

Joan Ulrich Ceramics small tumblers shooting for poster design. 

This is example of high reflective, small product shooting to exhibit 360 degree design details.

Typically we are crating four images and merge in to one image.

Using Format